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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for water service?
  2. Where can I find information about Tiltonsville's water quality?
  3. How do I terminate my service when I move?
  4. How do I check to see if my toilets are leaking?
  5. Why does my water sometimes look milky?
  6. Why is my water bill so high?

How do I apply for water service?

Customers/consumers requesting service, who can show ownership of property or premises for which service is being requested, shall not be required to pay a guarantee deposit.  When making application for water service they shall submit for review either a deed or tax duplicates in their name.

Customers/consumers requesting service, who will be renting or leasing the property or premises for which service is being applied for an account will be billed in their name, shall be required to apply a guarantee deposit for one hundred ($100.00) dollars for a residence and one hundred fifty ($150.00) for a business (deposits for large volume business users will be determined by the Board of Public Affairs).  The deposit will be held for a period of up to thirty days (30) after the property or premises has been vacated and/or final billing sent.

Upon requesting water service, any new customer/consumer shall sign a contract for said service.

The deposit, if required shall be paid along with any monies owned on account(s) before new service is authorized for use.

Before using water service, the customer/consumer shall make proper application at the utility office.  Proper application shall consist of presenting a photo ID and furnishing name, service address, phone number, address where bills are to be sent, the property owner's name, address, phone number and the number of people using the serviced and any other information required.

In the case of rental property, it is the responsibility of the landlord to notify the utility office whether property is occupied or vacant and provide access when necessary.

An application for water service can be downloaded and printed from this website or picked up at the utility office.

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Where can I find information about Tiltonsville's water quality?

Information about the quality of the Village of Tiltonsville's water can be found in the Consumer Confidence Report.  A copy of the Consumer Confidence Report can be found posted at Ameribank, the Tiltonsville Post Office, Tiltonsville's Municipal Building, and here on the website.

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How do I terminate my service when I move?

When the customer/consumer vacates the property, notifications should be given at least two (2) weeks prior.  It is the customer/consumer's responsibility to notify and give access to the water meter for the purpose of finalizing the account.  Service shall be turned off at  the valve and sealed unless otherwise specifically requested.  Account shall remain in customer/consumer's name until meter is read.

If no access is made available, within a reasonable time, the Village of Tiltonsville may turn off at the curb stop and estimate the final bill with no adjustment to such charges.

Final reading requests which also involve termination or shut off of service must comply with the Village Water Termination Policy.

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How do I check to see if my toilets are leaking?

Put a little food coloring in each toilet tank.  Without flushing, watch for a few minutes to see if the color shows up in the bowl.  It's not uncommon to lose up to 100 gallons a day from one of these otherwise invisible toilet leaks.  And that's more than 30,000 gallons a year!

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Why does the water sometimes look milky?

Sometimes water can become saturated with air due to temperature changes in the water giving it a milky look.  To be sure that this is the problem collect a glass of water and set it out.  The air should rise to the top, clearing from the bottom up.  Flushing your water lines may help this situation some but, it will disappear over time with the temperature change.

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Why is my water bill so high?

The Village of Tiltonsville's Water Department rates are among the lowest in the state.  If you notice an increase in your water usage you can try some of the following tips:

Check faucets.  Check every faucet in your home for leaks.  Just a slow drip can waste 15 to 20 gallons a day.  Fix it and you save almost 6,000 gallons a year.

Take shorter showers.  Long, hot showers can waste five to ten gallons every unneeded minute.  Limit your showers to the time it takes to soap up, wash down, and rinse off.

Use automatic dish and clothes washing machines for full loads only.  Even when the machines feature short cycles, you're being more efficient with your water when there are enough dirty things for a full load.

Water your lawn only when it needs it.  Do it early or late, not in midday heat.  Avoid windy days.  See that water goes where it should, not on sidewalks or driveways.  Stick a spade in the ground now and then to see that water is getting down deep.  A good soaking encourages good root systems.  But remember this: a single lawn sprinkler spraying five gallons per minute uses 50% more water in just one hour than a combination of ten toilet flushes, two 5-minute showers, two dishwasher loads and a full load of clothes.

Check your toilets for silent leaks.  To learn how to check your toilets for a leak click here.

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