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Backflow - Reversal of flowing service.

Billing Address - The address at which the customer/consumers contractually liable for utility services furnished to a service address receives billings fro the Village of Tiltonsville. Billing addresses may, but need not, be the address at which said services are received.

Casual Water - Water obtained in bulk volume from a location authorized by the Board of Public Affairs.  Water is provided to haulers, sewer cleaners, etc. at twice the current rate.

Construction Water - Water used through a service during new construction prior to setting the meter.  Such water is normally used for mixing of mortar, construction activity, etc., but not for landscaping.

Consumer - Any person who is the ultimate residential user of water utility services provided by the Village of Tiltonsville.

Consumer Household - Any service address in which the customer/consumer who is contractually liable for utility services furnished that address does not reside.

Cross Connection - Any connection or condition allowing actual or potential reversal of flow in a service and/or contamination of the potable plumbing system.

Curb Stop - A shut-off valve on the service for the control of water to the customer/consumer normally located between the curb and the property line.

Curb Box - A riser pipe and cover to allow access to the curb stop.

Service Line - A pipe used to covey water to the customer/consumer from a water main  The property owner is responsible for the pipe from the curb box into the premises.

Customer - Any person who enters into a contractual agreement with the Village of Tiltonsville to receive or to pay for residential utility services provided by the Village of Tiltonsville.  Customers may, but need not be consumers of the services provided under such a contractual agreement.

Customer Household - Any service address in which the customer/consumers contractually liable for the utility services furnished that address reside.

Excavator - Any person approved by the Village of Tiltonsville to do excavation work.

Final Reading - Reading of the water meter when the customer/consumer is vacating the property.

Main Extension - The construction of the additional public water main to the serve water customer/consumers.  Construction normally occurs in a public right of way or easements at the expense of those benefiting from the service extension.

Plumber - A plumber approved by the Village of Tiltonsville, Board of Public Affairs, to do plumbing or service work.

Remote Reading - A device which is permanently attached to the outside of a structure for measuring water consumption.

Street Valve - A shut off valve in the water main.

Tampering - To interfere, meddle or alter illegally in any way the water utility services at a service address.  Tampering also consists of contriving to plot, scheme or make other illegal arrangements to disrupt water service and/or modify in any way the amount of monies due the Village.

Tap - An opening in the water main allowing water to be passed into the customer/consumer's service and including the corporation stop.

Unauthorized Consumption - Any water taken by the customer/consumer without proper authorization from the Village.  This includes jumpers around the meter, any illegal connection to either the main line or another service line, reversing the meter, tampering with either the meter, the meter reading or a remote read out, drawing water from a fire hydrant or opening any valve that was closed by Village personnel including customers/consumers curb stop.

Usual Business Hours - With the exception of holidays and other duties of the clerk, usual business hours for the Utility Office shall be 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM -1:30 PM to 4:30 PM - Mon., Tues. Thurs. Fri. Wednesday mornings from 9:00 AM -12:00 PM.  The first Saturday of the month from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

Water Distribution System - The network of water mains and related appurtenances.

Water Mains - Any pipe under the control of the Village used to convey water throughout the distribution system to normally more than one customer/consumer.

Water Service - The availability of water to a customer/consumer's property.


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